Omaima Altaee

Architectural Designer
British UKML company
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B.Sc in Architecture engineering 2016 / Babylon university / Iraq . Her project " The Story Of Babylonian civilization " has won from top five in International DAF Awards competition 2016 from more than 624 international entries and has nominated to the finalits in International A Design Award . She has written essays about " The identity of the Iraqi Architectural & Al-Mousel city and its rebuilding " . She is the founder of the IAP project with UNDP about "The Urban deformation in Iraq". In additional to her taking part in international conferences as "The conference of History and Heritage with Leicester university" and local exhibitions about Architecture , Sketches , Galligraphy . Now , She is an Architect at British UKML Company in Iraq .

Project Title
The Story Of Babylonian Civilization
Humanity owed its greatest civilization to the age of Ancient Babylon which represents the cradle of religion, politics and culture. Choosing such a project to revive this legend and trying to reveal some secrets of this immortality. THE DEFINITION: It is a cultural monument project that narrates stories of our ancestors. The three well-known eras of Ancient Babylonwould be elaborated physically and consequently in a full life-circle journey .Events within time are manifested in a spatial manner accordingly. Different parts, focal points and spaces of the project are related together visually in an amazing order that correspondent to the every-day rituals of people. THE GOALS: Preservation by revivifying old spirit of these ages is the main goal. Instead of freezing and museumizing archaeological remains, the project targets to promote global vision about Ancient Babylon to their maximum extends beyond the limits of “time-space”. This global sustained spiritneeds to be prevailed again. THE USERS: ·Locale people and foreign tourists. ·Scholars and researchers in different fields of study. ·Delegators and VIP visitors. ARCHITECTURALLY: The project start with an outdoor interaction platform (The Mastaba) for celebration at the roof of three floor layers for the three eras of Ancient Babylon). Visitors can move among these parts respectively using stairs and ramps. A great hollow pair wall extend smoothly and wavely across a series of museums and galleries in different walking levels. Visitors can enjoy their journey within the real past life. The site is remarked with a huge square-shape towerthat define different kinds of cuneiform statements and expressions, which reflects the oldest rules and legislations in the world, of Hammurabi Obelisk. The amphitheatric nature of the project continue again and again according to a hierarchy matching the rhythm of subdivisions. A stream water canal lead the way ahead in this historical journey around the circular theater returning back toward (The Mastabah) .