100 Years of Auckland University @ Gus Fisher Gallery

5 November 2017

The wonderful exhibition of 100 years of architectural drawings at the Gus Fisher Gallery in Auckland has come down after 2 months of showing. Curated by A+W NZ member Dr Lucy Treep and Michael Miloevic, both of the University of Auckland, the exhibition provided a survey of drawings produced by current and former staff, and former students. 

In the foyer of the gallery, historic photographs and portaraits of former staff provided a rich context for the School of Architecture and Planning over the 100 years it has been running, and a publication was launched on the exhibition opening night of 8 September 2017. The Auckland School. 100 years of Architecture and Planning was edited by A+W NZ members Dr Julia Gatley and Dr Lucy Treep with essays by Julia Gatley, Lucy Treep, Elizabeth Aitken Rose, Andrew Barrie and Bill McKay.

Here we publish the names and images of all women included in the exhibition, showing the growing numbers as the century unfolded, with the 'end wall' noticably dominated by work by women.

Mary Dorothy Edwards 1932

Sharon Jansen 1982

Felicity Wallace 1984

Julie Stout 1985

Lynda Simmons 1986

Roberta Johnson 1995

Bianca Pohio 1996

Claudia Pond Eyley 1997

Melanie Tonkin 2002

Sue Evans c2002

Raukura Turei 2011

Frances Cooper 2012-13

Rapheala Rose 2013

Holly Yumeng Xie 2013

Natalie Tan 2014

Sarah Treadwell 2014

Elena Lochore Ward 2015

Tessa Forde 2015