ArchiPro and A+W NZ

18 January 2018

Watch this space - ArchiPro video coming.

We are very pleased to announce that Archipro and A+W NZ are joining forces to support our cross-membership - all A+W NZ members who sign up with Archipro have the A+W NZ logo automatically linked to your Archipro profile page. Check out our own profile page on the Archipro website, and see how the current practices who are also A+W NZ members are featured - such as Megan Edwards Architects (header image), Rogan Nash Architects and Evelyn McNamara Architects.

Both A+W NZ and Archipro share the similar aim of helping the design community achieve excellence and keeping architects visible, and we are looking forward to working together.

For more information, you can contact Richard Tapper at Archipro;
Richard Tapper
Business Development Manager for Professionals
0800 272 776 (ARC PRO)