A+W•NZ Metalcraft Writing Award 2016

8 January 2016


A+W•NZ METALCRAFT Writing Award 2016

Leadership, Diversity and Excellence

Got a "hot topic"?  Architecture+Women.NZ is inviting submissions (around 300 words). This is an opportunity to dust off some notes you have had kicking around and to contribute to or kick off a wider conversation.

A+W.NZ seeks writing that illuminates and advances the aims and objectives of A+W.NZ: visibility + inclusiveness, and can be on any topic: Practice Models, Education, Equity, Marketing, Mentorship, Business Culture, Research, etc

FOR FURTHER IDEAS      www.architecturewomen.org.nz



The winner will receive for one individual - attendance, accommodation, meals and ferry transfers for the Deerubin Ozetecture Weekend Symposium (11 - 14 March 2016) on Milson Island, Hawkesbury River, NSW, valued at $AU 880.00. Winners will need to arrange their own flights to venue ferry connections.

For more information http://www.ozetecture.org/masterclass/deerubbin-2016/

This inaugural Award is made possible with the generous support of METALCRAFT and is not redeemable in any other form.

Finalists selected will feature on the A+W.NZ website, in the ‘Articles’ section.

ENTRY:                                   Open. There are no restrictions on entry.

CLOSING DATE:                    Monday 18 January 2016  6pm

Email Entries to:                    architecturewomen@gmail.com

Winner Announced:             Tuesday 2 February 2016 in the A+W.NZ Newsletter


CRITERIA:                  Approximately 200 - 300 words

                                    Engagement with the objectives of A+W.NZ (’visibility’ and ‘inclusiveness’)

                       Entries can be from an individual, practice or group, however only one Prize is

                       available to an individual.

                                    Any or all entries will be assessed at the discretion of the jury on behalf of A+W.NZ

                       A+W•NZ core Award Team not eligible to enter. (Refer A+W-NZ website for

                       non-eligible members).


                                    • Provide a pdf document and a Microsoft word document of your entry.

                                    • Email to architecturewomen@gmail.com,

                         Alternatively entries can be posted to:  Architecture+Women•NZ,

                                                                                       PO Box 105 972,

                                                                                       Auckland 1143.

JURY                          The judging panel for the 2016 awards is;
                                    Dr Julia Gatley (Head of School, School of Architecture & Planning, Auckland)
                                    Marianne Riley (Associate Principal, Jasmax)
                                    Frances Charles (Metalcraft Industries)

The Jury team for all awards will include 3 persons from the following core groups;

                                    1. Academic writer, editor and/or publisher

                                    2. Practitioner, business leader and/or writer

                                    3. Sponsor or nominated representative



A+W•NZ METALCRAFT Writing Award 2016 Guideline


Aims of the Architecture+Women•NZ organisation

Architecture+Women•NZ brings together the diverse practices of women trained in the field of architecture and seeks to raise their profile in the public realm. The two core aims are ‘visibility’ and ‘inclusiveness’, and this is done through networks, events, publication and policy. We are committed to raising the visibility of women trained in architecture and associated with New Zealand, and to enabling inclusive, equitable work environments.


Aims of the A+W•NZ METALCRAFT Writing Award

Strengthening Participation, Publication and Networks: The aim of the award is to increase awareness, collegiality and engagement with positive discussion among the architectural community in relationship to the general and specific aims of A+W.NZ.

The Award is structured to minimize the cost and time commitment and thus barrier to entry. There is no entry fee and no associated printing costs.



1.      To ensure that entry remains free and accessible, all information is requested as an online submission. (via email to architecturewomen@gmail.com)

2.      In addition to material supplied by entrant, A+W•NZ are able to provide links to online material (already in the public domain) and in the A+W•NZ archives to supplement the file on each entrant. Please note that no further research is permissible by the A+W•NZ Awards Team at this stage. Only information from the existing A+W•NZ archives can be added to the files on behalf of each entrant. (ie. previous, existing research.)

3.    A+W•NZ reserves the right to edit all submitted material. Contributor will be notified of any edited work.