A+W NZ Featured on Parlour, 2021

19 May 2022


A+W NZ are very proud to have featured on the Parlour website, in their 'Action in the Field' series. In this series, Parlour brings together the excellent work of the many advocacy groups worldwide, who have also been working on similar issues in their own ways and in their own cultural settings. Thanks for our profile, Parlour!

" Action in the Field documents the many groups and projects that aim to increase diversity and equity in the architecture and built environment professions around the world. We are keen to record and recognise the enormous amount of activity in recent years, and inspire others who have ambitions to start their own groups by providing concrete examples of what can be done, and how to proceed."  (https://parlour.org.au/case-studies/action-in-the-field/)


Screenshots from the Parlour website