Between Silos: Archive of Atmosphere - Emma Morris

19 September 2013

There were many installations and exhibits presented at the Between Silos exhibition, held at the Silo 6 Gallery in Wynyard Park, Auckland, Sept 20-29 2013. This series of articles summarises each room in the exhibition. For the information of the overall exhibition, refer to the 'Silo map' prepared by Mill Space.

Room 6: The Archive of Atmosphere.

By Emma Morris.

All images by Amabir Singh, Mango Films Ltd.

The Archive is a laboratory which collects atmospheric particles from the water. Like the natural archive of an ice core, particles trapped in air bubbles, and embedded in crystalline structures, can be retrieved and read as a record of climate history. The wires are a drawing in space of the molecular change of the liquid during phase change. Crystallisation is proposed as a speculative building technology, a synthetic analogue system that manufactures.