Date Night Ak•02

1 October 2015

Date Night Ak•02 - Speed Mentoring

NZIA Auckland Architecture Week - Saturday 26 September

Te Iringa Room, WG308, Sir Paul Reeves Building, AUT.

5:00 - 6:30pm - Date Night Ak•02

A+W•NZ invited all (yes, including men - we are all about reducing barriers, not creating new ones) to a night of conversation about architecture. This event offered the opportunity for those in the architecture profession, those who are soon to join, those who work in associated fields and those who may have suspended their professional lives for now, to get together for a night of mutual mentorship. Structured like a 'speed-dating' event, the evening was an exciting and fast-paced mentoring session in the format of short and concise conversations - accompanied by delectable wine and nibbles.

Experiences and aspirations were shared, and feedback tells us these events are very popular because they offer the chance to have quick but real conversations with people some may never get the chance to meet and talk with.

Whether you are an 'up-and-coming', in suspension from the profession, or a well-established architect, your story can help others, and theirs can help you.

all photos by Alice O'Brien-Gortner

For more images of the entire event, use this link.

A+W•NZ Team for Date Night 02;

Dasha Tapa

Kayley Feng

Linda Wen

Pam Sando

Siran Li

Janice Au

A+W•NZ Co-Ordinator for NZIA AAW A+W•NZ events;

Nicole Allen