The Design Studio and Women Students, 1992, Jane Rooney

26 March 2013

In 1992, Jane Rooney prepared a research report while a student at the University of Auckland Architecture School, titled 'The Design Studio and Women Students'. It is interesting to re-look at this report over 20 years on and consider on the changes that have come about, as well as those things which persist today. Dr Sarah Treadwell observed that while some things remain the same, "Other things have altered. There are slightly more women than men at Auckland (now).  It is impressive how things change when the numbers are more even...  Women students are also achieving most of the highest design awards (Graphisoft NZIA travel awards etc)"

It would be interesting to have your comments in relation to this report, which may contribute to further research to this body of work. Email or use the A+W•NZ facebook page to contribute your thoughts.