Pavilion For Architecture - Unitec

19 September 2013

There were many installations and exhibits presented at the Between Silos exhibition, held at the Silo 6 Gallery in Wynyard Park, Auckland, Sept 20-29 2013. This series of articles summarises each room in the exhibition. For the information of the overall exhibition, refer to the 'Silo map' prepared by Mill Space.


Room 7: Pavilion For Architecture.

A project by third year students from the Department of Architecture, Unitec Institute of Technology.

Project leaders: Ainsley O’Connell and Min Hall.

All images by Amabir Singh, Mango Films Ltd.
Ilycia Laverty, Suchi Undevia, Bingbing Pan, Zhengyang Wang, Kaitlyn Gruber, Bridget, Travena Kalana Daryatne, Sione Tupouila, Jessica Dippie, Emily Stephens, Scott Mullinger, Mathew Philip, Gabriella Chan, Amelia Moginie, Shaun Goddard, Neil Rodrigues, James Ure, Kiri McKenna, Don Pengpala
The public is invited to engage with architecture; through participation in model-making activities, watching and discussing the creation of models made within the architecture-in-residence programme, or viewing changing exhibitions of the work of local New Zealand and visiting off-shore architects.