Put Your Hands Together by Bill McKay

3 December 2014

Put Your Hands Together: Bill McKay at the Architecture+Women Awards 2014.

Bill McKay writes for Block - issue # 10 2014 , on his thoughts as a jury member for the inaugural A+W•NZ Awards 2014.

'If anyone doubts the need for and Architecture and Women in New Zealand I am happy to regale them with some of the horror stories I hear from our graduates. Yes chaps, you shouldn't ask young women if they are planning to get pregnant in the next couple of years because discrimination on that basis is illegal. What, you don't want to pay them maternity leave? I bet you don't want to pay your male staff parental leave either. Equity actually results in workplaces that are better for everyone.'

This is the brilliant beginning to Bill's article and he doesn't stop there. 

We especially like that the cover article for this Block issue, written by  Sean Flanagan, is titled 'Making History'. This (also excellent) article focuses on craft and architectural production, but we enjoy the double meaning for the title of the issue - we think we are making history, too!