Scarlet Prize in Architecture

19 December 2018

Scarlet Architects have announced  the inaugural recipient of the Scarlet Prize in Architecture as Kavita Sharma. Kavita’s prize includes a cash award and an opportunity for mentoring as she completes her M.Arch(Prof) degree.



Scarlet Architects have announced the establishment of their Scarlet Prize in Architecture, a scholarship awarded through The University of Auckland.

In funding this prize, Director Lindley Naismith says its primary purpose is to reward and recognise the highest performing female student in design in the 1st year of the M.Arch(Prof) degree.  "It is about investing in the future of architecture - in particular  young women in architecture. The timing of this prize is particularly poignant, given 2018 marks the 125th anniversary of women's suffrage in New Zealand."

Director Jane Aimer continues: "The founding directors of Scarlet Architects are women, and both Lindley and I are founding members of Architecture+Women NZ. We see ourselves as approaching the end of our conventional careers in the profession, and were wanting to contribute something that has an appropriate legacy, given the history of our practice."

The award of $1,000 is only part of the prize, says fellow Director at Scarlet Architects, Mike Dowsett. "Also on offer is a mentoring component that aims to assist the winning student as she makes the transition from university studies into practice life."

What a wonderful way to show ongoing support for excellence in design, and to promote coninued mentorship. Thanks, Scarlet, for leading the way.