Snapshot 500: Architecture+Women New Zealand

10 November 2013

Photograph: Simon Devitt

Snapshot 500: Architecture+Women New Zealand

editors Julia Gatley and Sara Lee

Published by Balasoglou Books, Auckland 2013


Published in conjunction with the Architecture+Women New Zealand Exhibition;

Auckland  Between Silos 20-29 September 2013

Wellington  Diverse Practice  8-11 October 2013

Christchurch  Re-Think  20-29 September 2013

Queenstown  Small Town Girl?  15-16 November 2013

This book sets out to be a record of the work shown at the four exhibitions nationally, to form a literal snapshot in time. The value of recording the work of women cannot be underestimated, as the lack of documentation throughout history, for whatever reason, has contributed to their relative 'non-visible' status in our architectural canon.

A publication was never produced for the successful 1993 exhibition Constructive Agenda, from which this national exhibition took inspiration and guidance. The lack of documetation around the content of these important 1993 events has meant that some careers, work and practices are no longer seen. Snapshot 500 is a small but powerful record of established, emerging and new talent. It includes the many who have trained in architecture and who have left the profession for other creative fields, as well as those practicing.


Cover image: Yock House, Remuera Auckland (1964-66) by Chrystall Architects, with additions by Malcolm Walker.

Recipient of NZIA Bronze Medal 1967 and NZIA Enduring Award 2013.

Photograph: Simon Devitt


Copies of Snapshot 500 can be ordered through Aalto Books