Video: Glulam Project by Architecture For Humanity

23 September 2013

On 14-15 September, the team working on the glulam beam project installed their design at the Silo Park site, to the area in front of the Silo 6 Gallery. The huge laminated beams, which have been donated from Air New Zealand from a recently dismantled hanger, were lifted, placed and fixed to create the graceful seating sculptures now in place. The video of this installation is made by Ash Robinson of Dollarmixbag - you can watch it here and/or here.


Video by Dollarmixbag

Project Directors:
Ann O'Meagher, Megan Rule
Architectural Graduate Project Team:
Bhavina Patel, Lily Wong, Ellen Ashenden, Aishwarya Basrur, Divya Purushotham, Johanna Bilkey, Andreea Borta-Haideciuc
Graduate Structural Engineer:
Emily Harbinson