Welcome 2014 - another great year

1 January 2014

Here's to celebrating the successes of 2013 and welcoming in another year of potential and positive change.

So much has been achieved this year, from the highly-attended series of exhibitions around the country, accompanied by the Snapshot 500 publication, the Symposium held in Auckland 'Architecture in an Expanded Field', and an international guest speaker, Cazu Zegers, adressed Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington audiences. Architecture+Women•NZ hosted the Auckland Architecture Week events, including the AAA Site Visit, a public lecture by Hera Cook (presented twice due to a scheduling change, thank you, Hera), panel discussions on innovative housing, prefabrication, and policy. Evening events included the highly-attended 'debate' held at the Jasmax offices, and a 'powered by Pecha Kucha' event run by students at The University of Auckland, also held at Jasmax. Kids were also part of the action at Wynyard Quarter, making model lighthouses and faletele as part of the Workshops on the Wharf at Silo Park.

2013 has been a busy year around the globe, also: Parlour produced guidelines for workplace and Institute policy change to achieve equity in the architectural profession, and Design For Equality was launched with 'the Denise Scott Brown petition'  by a Harvard-based group, Women in Design.

Architecture+Women•NZ have been awarded a Rosemary Seymour Research and Archive Award 2013, in the Maori Women category, for its ongoing project He Whare Tangata.

In 2014 we are looking forward to working on 2 main projects;

  • Establishing an Annual Award, based on career excellence and contribution to equity in architecture, and
  • Development of Guidelines for workplace practice and the NZIA.

as well as the ongoing research projects established in 2013.

If you would like to work in any of these areas, just contact us at architecturewomen@gmail.com, and join in. A+W•NZ is an 'umbrella group' which is open and accessible to all who have the positive energy to contribute. 2014 is going to be another busy, fun and productive year!


Thanks to all who have given so much of their time, expertise and energy so far,

from the team at A+W•NZ.