Wellington A+W•NZ Diverse Practice Exhibition October 2013

7 November 2013

Main image: Paul McCredie

From 8-11 October 2013, Victoria University of Wellington hosted the Wellington A+W•NZ: Diverse Practice Exhibition.

The beautiful photographs of the exhibition shown below were taken by Paul McCredie.

The exhibition was a visual display of survey results (design and typography by Catherine Griffiths in collaboration with Kerstin Thompson) The survey was developed by Jan Smitheram and Kerstin Thompson, from a questionnaire prepared by Tania Davidge, Elycia de Guia, Anna Jeffery, Bernadette Wilson and Justine Clark for a survey for architects working in Victoria, Australia. Exhibition installed by Catherine Griffiths, Jan Smitheram and Sharon Jansen.

The questions were open to response from women and men. There were 6 questions and 95 respondents.

The exhibition formed part of the DIVERSE PRACTICE event: a symposium conversation, exhibition, with lectures by Justine Clark and Debbie Ryan, Cazu Zegers and Tom Daniell: 8—11 October, 2013, School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington.

Supported by Victoria University of Wellington School of Architecture; New Zealand Institute of Architects; Architecture+Women•NZ.


Diverse Practice: Exhibition

The exhibition Diverse Practice is based on a response to a survey that asked 7 questions about practice:

  1. What do you do?
  2. How did you get to this position?
  3. Is it where you expected to be when you embarked in a career in architecture?
  4. Where would you like to be in the future?
  5. If you could share one insight about architecture with a graduate entering the profession what would it be?
  6. What do you think the future of architectural practice is/should be?
  7. How do you manage a work/life balance?

The text from the survey for the exhibition has been curated by Catherine Griffiths. Please note that the questions in this survey were developed from Tania Davidge, Elycia de Guia, Anna Jeffery, Bernadette Wilson and Justine Clark's questionnaire prepared for a survey for architects working in Victoria.

Exhibition opening – drinks and nibbles

When:  Tuesday 8 October, 6pm  (Note: followed by Symposium at 7pm)

Where: The Atrium, Faculty of Architecture and Design, 139 Vivian Street, Wellington