Architecture + Women Events

Past and upcoming events on the Architecture + Women Calendar.

  • Lockdown Mentoring Meetings

    5 July 2020

    During Lockdown, A+W NZ set up an online meeting forum so peope can come together and discuss the issues facing them - from isolation, or loss of income to positive outcomes from flexible hours and working from home, your legal rights or career change options. These are

  • A+W NZ AGM 2020

    9 June 2020

    Our AGM was held on 27 May 2020, again as an online event.

    You can obtain the AGM 2020 minutes, the

  • A+W NZ / NZBS Timber Construction Workshops

    15 January 2020

    - SOLD OUT -

    Education in construction for architects is invaluable, and a new workshop opportunity has been developed for A+W NZ with the New