Anjali Treherne

Architectural Graduate Practicing
ArchOffice Ltd


Hello I recently graduated with a Masters of Architecture (Prof) and Urban Design from The University of Auckland. Everyone has their own interest and style of work. Throughout my journey and experience in architecture I found myself captivated by the concept of 'invention' in architecture. As we are in the period of rapid technology advancements. I believe we can use this to benefit the style we build and how we use a home and spaces (both private and public). The idea of how technology can work with architecture and affect our senses, perception and how we interact with space. Technology can be how materials are processed or built, or even how lighting or sounds can create enriched spatial environments and surrounding, in effect influencing and changing our senses.

Project Title
Perception before Cognition
How can architecture act as a therapy for claustrophobia? In this thesis, I explored how claustrophobic architectural spaces can be adapted to reduce claustrophobia. The methodology consisted of charging the way you perceive 'space,' by thinking about it differently. The exploration of creating surreal, dreamlike calm spaces was key to serve as a distraction in anxiety triggering situations. ​
Year of Completion
Masters of Architecture Professional and Urban Design