Anneke Prins

Melbourne, Australia
The University of Melbourne

Outside NZ

I am an architectural graduate researcher and design tutor from Wellington, New Zealand, currently living, working and researching in Melbourne, Australia. My current research is concerned with the human body and its experience of atmospheric architectural space, and how we can design for tangible atmospheric experiences. I am developing this research through creative works as a PhD in Architecture, Building and Planning candidate at the University of Melbourne. I hold a Master of Architecture (Prof.) and a Bachelor of Architectural Studies in Architecture from Victoria University of Wellington, NZ. My research interests include interdisciplinary design practices, body and space interactions and atmospheric art and architecture. I am a passionate and experienced design tutor and have tutored undergraduate and Masters students across a range of architecture and design subjects over the past few years. I am currently a sessional tutor at the Melbourne School of Design, tutoring students in the new Bachelor of Design program.

Project Title
Photographic exploration into depicting traces of bodily movement. The movement of a parent and child is captured through water, blurring both spatial conditions and identity; creating a trace of an atmospheric moment. Part of an ongoing PhD in Architecture, Building and Planning.
Year of Completion
PhD Research Project