Annika Andresen

Architectural Graduate Non-practicing
New Zealand


Having just finished a Master of Architectural Studies at the University of Auckland, I am combining my knowledge in technology, my passion for the underwater world and a love for connecting people to their environment. My interests in design, communication and the aquatic environment have led me wanting to integrate scientific exploration with visual storytelling to enhance knowledge and understanding of the ocean to a broader public consciousness.

Project Title
The Bay of Islands Marine Rehabilitation and Research Center ​
My aim was to investigate the architectural theme of ‘merging’, using interventions such as an inhabitable skin which allows the building to blend into its surroundings over time. Due to the sensitive nature of the site, it was intended that the architecture would take a recessive role in relation to the landscape. The complex is made up of individual modules, fabricated off-site, that clip together to form a network that is encased with an outer skin. The concept is influenced by the remoteness of the site, where each section would need to be brought in by barge or helicopter. These individual elements are linked together by a series of pathways and the single, organic and inhabitable canopy of the roof.