Bethan Watson

Bath, England, UK
University of Bath

I recently completed my undergraduate degree for the B.Sc. Architecture (RIBA Part 1) at the University of Bath UK. My previous placements include work with a UK practice specialising in conservation where I was involved in all aspects of their projects and office management and worked alongside the two directors. Last year I undertook three months designing and building in Costa Rica followed by work at a large international practice based in Brighton, UK. I would like to further my experience by gaining an understanding of architectural practice in New Zealand. I will be arriving in Auckland on the 3rd October 2013 and am looking for a role in an architectural practice for 3-6 months and am flexible about the type of work I would undertake.

Project Title
Paper Farm
The self-written project brief explores the relationship between craft and technology and how modern technology is dislocating us from place and architecture from genius loci. The approach to designing within Gloucester was to reinforce the positive aspects of its past, such as trade and industry, whilst finding a way to resolve its fragmented nature. The Paper Farm, for Gloucester’s youth not in employment, education or training, is an expression of the paper making process. Intrinsically rooted to site, the priory becomes a symbiotic microcosm of paper production, fusing agriculture and industry within the city and re-introducing local craft and trade. The symbiotic nature of the scheme employs a holistic approach to sustainability, unifying the processes within a continuous origami canopy.
Year of Completion
University final year project