Bojana Hynes

NZ Registered Architect practicing
Cottee Parker


I am a passionate architect, who believes in creating beautiful, functional, eco friendly designs, unique to individual client’s needs. I believe in a collaborative, innovative design approach at all stages of the design process. I strive to ensure that the client gains an asset which is delivered on time and on budget, while working with the contractor to ensure that the highest levels of quality are achieved throughout the building process. I approach each site and client with a fresh set of eyes. In that sense, my biggest influence is nature - the nature of the site, the natural environment surrounding it, its history and planned future. To this I bring the client brief and shape it to encompass all that they desire. I am fascinated with the influence of the external environment on internal spaces. To this end, I have used large windows, skylights and roof structures to let light into spaces, allowing a connection between the two states. Further, I have a particular affinity to the use of timber throughout my designs. It brings with it a sense of warmth, makes spaces feel welcoming and creates depth and texture otherwise vacant in a modern day material pallet. Through my practice of architecture, if I can contribute to: furthering current thinking on how we occupy spaces; the psychology behind architectural interior environments and their relationship to the outside world; how natural light impacts our perception of space and how we can minimize the impact on the planet with the architecture we create; I will be happy with my contribution.

Project Title
Situated in an ideal location with a growing customer base, the NorthWest Shopping Centre is part of a larger, comprehensively masterplanned North Massey Town Centre (NMTC) for West Auckland with easy access from the Northwestern motorway . As part of the new town centre, the phase one area known as Zone 5 comprises an enclosed mall with a two level Farmers Department Store at one end and a Countdown Supermarket at the other. There is an extensive area of car parking above the main mall area plus on-grade parking accessed directly to the north of the centre. The uniqueness of the development is the integration of main street retail with the traditional shopping centre model, creating synergy with one feeding off another and providing a unique, new shopping experience. As part of the street-based retail we have also created four separate (in appearance only) buildings which define the street frontage and flank the main entry to the mall. These buildings have retail at street level with an additional level of offices above. With great emphasis being placed on articulating the Maki Street side of the development as part of the CDP requirements, the result is a dynamic, animated building façade as a backdrop to the busy main street retail environment Maki Street has aspired to be. Entry statements from Maki Street into both the Town Square and car park add texture and grain to the building façade in this area. The selection of materials stayed true to the original concept of the rugged West Coast; natural, honest and timeless materials (concrete/steel/timber etc.) which are not overused but employed just enough to create a coherent appearance for the entire Maki Street elevation without losing the individual character of each building. The overall design theme for NorthWest Shopping Centre is based on the concept of the West Coast. This was incorporated throughout all areas of the mall to link spaces with layout, materials and furniture. The rich dark tones of the West Coast beaches, the surrounding vineyards and fruit stalls were the inspiration for selecting the materials. Within the concourse the tiling layout has been derived from the shapes and colours of the sand washed up upon the beach. The timber feature ceiling is suggestive of the repetitive nature and light tones of a wine barrel. Full height rebar structures support the feature vines evoking the connection with the bordering vineyards. The food court furniture continues to relate to the theme with perforated metal screens designed to create a dappled light effect as if you’re sitting under a pergola in a local winery. Orange stools provide hints of colourful fruit throughout the area and the use of white in the furniture contrasting with the darker materials within the food court is suggestive of the West Coast’s gannets’ shades. Natural timber table tops and wire table legs are reminiscent of the number 8 wire ethos of the area. To provide an outdoor feel, concrete rendered walls lead the viewer down the amenities corridor toward the timber-like facades surrounding the facilities. The amenities wall and floor tiles symbolize the light and dark sand surfaces while feature lit art pieces express the long grass and fence wire. An Apple Tree wall graphic stands proud in the caregivers’ room and within the play area furniture has been created to look like apples sitting on artificial grass. This colourful and playful theme has been created to make the space welcoming and fun for both caregivers and children. NOTE: Credit and copyright for photos © to Bojana Hynes
Architect / Project Leader