Charissa Snijders

NZ Registered Architect practicing
Charissa Snijders Architect Ltd

Charissa Snijders, Registered Architect, draws on over 20 years of professional experience and brings together the optimum team for a project. To deliver co-creative living architecture that truly expresses the self, others and the land, Charissa’s preferred approach is collaborative; where the client is an integral partner in the team. Charissa welcomes those who seek to make a difference in their own lives and in others, and in doing so change the way we live. To her, a successful project inspires authentic living and thereby brings greater meaning to all those who experience it. Blending together the right elements ensures greater connection with ourselves, others and with our relationship with the natural world. She creates architecture that celebrates the expression of people in relationship with others and in response to the land in which it inhabits. She calls this creating a 'sense of place'.

Project Title
Heather and Charissa sought to acknowledge the special qualities of the land and its relationship to the building of the new home. A Maori proverb helped to synthesize the qualities they wished to express and became the guide to inspire them to connect, weave and bind the shaping of the home with its surrounding land. Working with both the existing farm building language and the analogy of a Maori pa on the hill, the design adopts a collection of small buildings, each with its own use. The three parts of the dwelling are held together within the form of the land. The buildings sit quietly and follow the natural and man-made terracing, comfortably nestling into the hill. The boundary between land and building is woven together, blurring and softening the buildings’ edges. The overall feel of the place is timeless and understated, creating a sense of permanence through its careful selection of materials and quiet use of colour and proportions.
Year of Completion