Elizabeth Campbell

Kennedy Nolan

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Project Architect at Kennedy Nolan

Project Title
Nightingale Village
Nightingale is a model for triple bottom line developments. Medium density housing that is environmentally, socially and financially sustainable. Combining small scale ethical investors & best practice in design, the ultimate goal of Nightingale is to provide high quality, good value urban housing by simplifying both the development process and the building itself. Our work in housing; our exploration of interiors and landscape ; our experience delivering a conventional development product, combined with our own investments in the Nightingale Model, led us to being granted our Nightingale License. In late 2017 we purchased a site in Brunswick. This site is part of a precinct, so alongside some of our contemporaries we are contributing to an exciting urban village beside the Upfield train line. Within the constraints of this gritty urban site we’re exploring a number of apartment types, from the very small to the large which reflects the diversity of medium density dwellers in this city currently. All will be great places to live. This is housing designed with a community in mind. The building must achieve a minimum 7 star energy rating, will operate with 100% renewable energy and be a testing ground for emerging sustainable modes of construction. The project is currently awaiting planning approval with the City of Moreland.
Year of Completion
Multi-Residential & Urban
Project Architect