Hyun Ju (Lauren) Lee

Architectural Graduate Practicing
New Zealand
Davis Ogilvie Projects Ltd

Architecture, for me, is using imagination and ideas and bringing them to reality in a practical and positive way. The main focus of my designs have always been for coexistence and interaction. Harmonious relationships are very important aspects, especially the relationship with nature. You can actually live in harmonious, close contact with the natural surroundings, and people. I believe architecture represents us in our time, designing something new and executing it perfectly while considering what you are taking away before you put something back in order to create that special something. I would like to put myself out there possibly internationally given my dual nationality and links with North East Asia. My penultimate goal in becoming an architectural designer is be someone who can create spaces which can help people, change points of view, with positive outcomes. One of those first steps would be in Christchurch to rebuild our city.

Project Title
St. Paul Chong Hasang Church