Kathleen Wendy Ryan

NZ Registered Architect practicing
Auckland, New Zealand
Respond Architects

I am a 2012 architecture honours graduate from University of Auckland, MArch (Prof.) now working as a Registered Architect for Respond Architects. I have over five years post qualification experience in office, educational, commercial and residential architecture. I have also been extensively involved in re-clads and remediation work across New Zealand, developing robust and durable specific design construction detailing.

Project Title
The Christchurch Earthquake: A New Zealand Post-Disaster Housing Solution
On February 22nd 2011, Christchurch New Zealand experienced a devastating earthquake that shook the Canterbury community. This suffering and uncertainty faced in Christchurch has left its residents no other option but to flee this disaster zone and to seek refuge in other parts of New Zealand, due in part to the effects of unplanned post-disaster temporary accommodation. I believe that a post-disaster temporary accommodation approach needs to be designed for New Zealand which can alter between the three mandatory stages of post-disaster housing, and ideally, can become permanent housing if required. This proposal for post-disaster temporary accommodation considers three main principles: a single system, storage and flexibility. It is an immediate solution: one that can be stored and unloaded once a disaster strikes; flexible enough to meet demand; and sustainable in its ability to be either a permanent solution or used and re-stored for further temporary use.
Year of Completion
Post-Disaster Housing