Karamia Muller

University of Auckland


Karamia Müller is a Pacific academic specialising in indigenous space concepts. Currently a Lecturer at the School of Architecture and Planning, Creative Arts and Industries, University of Auckland, her research specialises in the meaningful ‘indigenisation’ of design methodologies invested in building futures resistant to inequality. Her research also explores contemporary Pacific architecture and art, women’s architectural and art production in the region, and the use of social media and other online digital technologies by Pacific peoples in the creation of digital space. In particular, she is interested in how these disciplines constitute and inform the lived experiences of Pacific Diaspora. She is currently contributes to Architecture Now as a regular columnist: https://architecturenow.co.nz/members/Muller-Karamia/

Project Title
Matā'apu, fausaga fa'aopopo i fale ma maota o tagata mai le atu nu'u Samoa = Extensions and additions to the domestic dwellings of Samoan diaspora