Kelly Ting

University of Auckland

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Architecture to me is more than just designing buildings, but an instrument to advocate social change and stimulate a positive community. As a second-year architecture student at the University of Auckland, I aspire to become an architect driven by mission, bringing forward socially responsive design solutions through a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to communities in need.

Project Title
Sympoiesis of Fragments: Towards a Socio-Cultural Cornucopia of Ecologies
In a future where resources and materials are scarce, the equation is no longer of adding a new part but of sharing one’s entity to fuse into a new part. Our intervention through the 3 cycles (parts) seeks to transfigure Ijplein’s currently monotonous and segregated landscape into one that embraces the cornucopia of socio-ecological spheres where culture and ecosystem interconnect (whole). Awarded: Best Project for the Amsterdam Site in Communities 2050 Competition [ Open category ]
Year of Completion
Envisioning Future Communities: Codividual Living, Urban Regeneration, Participatory Design