LinBing (Fatina) CHEN


Project Title
Aftermath of Spectacle
This thesis project is looking at architectural possibility of post-event architectures. The term “events” includes sport games and fair exhibitions. What can we do as it veers toward “obsolescence”. The site of the design is Haixinsha Island, Guangzhou, China, which was designed only for the open and closing ceremony of the 16th Asian game in 2010. Since the games, the site has been vacant and awaiting to be awakened once again. Moreover, China has now become addicted to hosting spectacular events. New events are leading the deceleration of popularity on the old events, results that less public interest to assess to these sites. A legacy is what is left after the event has concluded, it should have a long-term benefit back to its inhabitant. The implementation of this is alternating the site into a place of entertainment, sports and sociality without compromising its historical significance: as a point of national history.
Year of Completion
2015 Thesis project