Miriama Arnold


Currently studying at Auckland University, School of Architecture and Planning. 4th year, Master of Architecture (Professional) and Urban Design (MArch(Prof)UrbDes)

Project Title
apia cultural + performance centre, samoa
D6_Concept/idea: Culture and tradition is a prominent and most esteemed part of Samoan identity. Yet the reality of the past colonialism in Samoa is evident within the architecture today. The cultural richness of the traditional Pacific tectonics has slowly withered away and adapted towards westernised ideas of form, material, finishings and enclosing of spaces. More buildings in Samoa are becoming universally recognised and not practical in terms of cultural dynamics or the local climate. A cultural and performance centre was proposed in dedication Samoan culture. The overall design responds to cultural ideas and the local environment. Structural ideas and forms are derived from the fale (Samoan house/building) and the vaka/va’a (boat) while integrating modern tectonics.