Michaela Sangl


'Base your choices on love, not fear.' (Paul Klee) Living creative expression fully. Life as a constantly evolving magical experiment. Exploring limits and dissolving them, challenging mind, body and soul. Always with a child-like sense of wonder. See www.twinkle.co.nz and www.yogikids.co.nz

Project Title
'PRINCESS NO-I-WON'T' Interactive Book App
Princess Matilda Sara Isabella van der Holden discovers the joy and power of saying ‘NO!” A highly interactive story app for girls, in which you can make pets talk, burst soap bubbles, throw all kinds of stuff around (including red jelly!), play melodies on flowers and have lots of fun listening, reading and interacting with the story! Fifteen animated scenes, a balloon game with the littlest Dinosaur and a catchy Princess Song performed by Michaela with Isla Sangl and Craig Smith (Wonky Donkey). I originally wrote this book in German in 2010 (Prinzessin Will-Ich-Nicht) and at the request of the publisher, wrote the English version and redesigned the material fit for a Royal App!
Year of Completion
Interactive Book App for ipad and iphone
author, iIllustrator, director, narrator, composer, singer