Natasha George

Architectural Graduate Practicing
Interior Designer

Project Title
Beach Pavilions
Student project - Weltec "Ka maru koe I toku pureke, he kahu pitongatonga." "I will shelter you with my raincape, an imperious garment." Moving from the sun drenched beaches of Gisborne to the unfamiliar rugged windswept coastal shore line of Wellington has had a major influence on this project. A major conceptual framework for this series of beach pavilions was in response to the current debate surround private ownership of the foreshore. Any building inhabiting such sites needed to be seen as beneficial for the wider public while having minimal impact on the environment. Challenging this understanding these pavilions act as the balance between the built environment and natural landscape juxtaposed within sandy and rock strewn sites around Wellingtons coastline. Semi-enclosed timber platforms that lead into the intimate spaces offer shelter, yet allow the natural conditions to be experienced. The pavilions face the horizon line allowing the occupant to take in the uninterrupted views on offer.
Year of Completion