Natasha Markham

NZ Registered Architect practicing
Markham Architecture + Urban Design

Natasha Markham is a registered architect and urban designer. She is director of Auckland practice MAUD (Markham Architecture + Urban Design) and is a member of both the Auckland Urban Design Panel and the Hobsonville Design Review Panel. Whilst her work includes a variety of projects, Natasha has a particular interest in housing and her residential background includes bespoke houses, apartments, as well as large scale housing development, which she worked on while in the UK. Natasha has also worked as an urban designer in both the private sector and for local government. She is experienced in urban analysis, masterplanning, and the preparation of guidance documents, and has also been involved in high level, strategic planning and visioning projects, at a city wide scale. On the side, Natasha co-hosts 76 Small Rooms, a podcast about architecture in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Project Title
Eden Terrace House
Photography by Sam Hartnett
Year of Completion