Ornela Priotti

Architectural Designer
Auckland, New Zealand
Wingate Architects

Outside NZ

Ornela Priotti is a Graduated Architect and female entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience between Argentina and New Zealand. Working in different environments has immensely helped her ability to research, innovate and organise creative projects. She has participated in multiple workshops, design competitions and events related to architecture, urbanism, entrepreneurship and “cut of the edge” technologies. Taking different roles as a participant, organiser and speaker. Ornela’s passion for architecture, art, design and tech has motivated her to explore with multidisciplinary teams. In 2014 she co-founded one of the first “FabLab’s” in Argentina and two years later started her second and current project “BUSKA Hub”. Since moving to New Zealand in 2018, Ornela has continued her work for Buska Hub as well as working for established New Zealand Architecture firms. Currently at Wingate Architects, Ornela is heavily involved in all phases of the design process with experiences in all fields from residential to commercial as well as interiors. She has also been actively involved with the in house research team.

Project Title
Interactive Pavilion _ TIC Week
Year of Completion
Interior Design - Temporary Architecture
Project Architect