Pauline Ching

NZ Registered Architect practicing
Pauline Ching Architect

I graduated from VUW in 1988. The two main practices I have worked for since then are Athfield Architects -for about 6 years; and Herriot Melhuish Architects - for 4 years. In the early 90's I spent 2 years travelling and found work in the UK with some rather unorthodox landscape designers who were doing a heritage job for Lord Rothschild. It was an interesting time. At the end of 2001 I stopped working (for money) and had my first daughter. After her birth I worked on our house and a studio(in the back yard) for my husband - a commercial photographer- along with a few other family & kindergarten related projects. Now daughter number two is at school I work from home, try to keep up with my children, walk the dog regularly and remember to pay my husband some attention now and then.

Project Title
Additions & Alterations to Ching/Robertson House
The new stair has also become a space where kids play games on the landing. The translucent plastic cladding provides privacy,safety from falling AND a fantastic light quality. Photo: Ian Robertson
Year of Completion
Family Home