pamela ingram

NZ Registered Architect practicing
pamela ingram architect limited

My training as a draftsperson at ATI introduced me to technical aspects of building, then when I studied at the Auckland University School of Architecture I discovered that there was more to architecture than materiality. In the 70's we were concerned with landscape and context and how buildings fitted in to that. My thing then was place, what that meant and how that gave architecture meaning. The art and craft of building hold my interest and I love the building process despite how tough working in the industry can be at times. The opportunity to work with creative people has contributed to the enjoyment of my work and I am continually fascinated by architecture's transformative qualities.

Project Title
Arch Hill lean-to
photo by Stephen Robinson. A description of this piece of work can be found in 'Big House Small House' a book by John Walsh and Patrick Reynolds. This project has also featured in 'Home' magazine - the design issue june/july 2013
Year of Completion