Putri Kusumawardhani

Architectural Designer

Outside NZ

I am an Integrated Urban Designer with eight years experience. I have gained strong collaboration with the interdisciplinary team to design and deliver a range of integrated projects. I have involved in many integrated masterplan projects that involve Transportation, Infrastructure, Environment, Economic, and Landscape. The projects size ranging from small master plan projects of 30Ha to highly complex and integrated service on a 2,000Ha new township plan, from vision plan to detailed engineering master plan.

Project Title
Transit Oriented Development
The project conceives to be integrated TOD and will extend the TOD value throughout overall development. Offering a people-first approach at transit development will further create a livable place. The smart integrated TOD is defined by providing various and integrated public transport nodes prioritized active mobility modes and enriched the experience walking, especially at the great street. In purpose to create sustainable development, the master plan design was evaluated by using SSIM.
Year of Completion
Mixed Use - Transit Oriented
Project Manager/Senior Urban Designer