Rebecca McLaughlan

Newcastle, Australia
University of Newcastle

Outside NZ

Rebecca is a New Zealand Registered Architect, Lecturer at the University of Newcastle and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne. Her work spans both historic and contemporary healthcare care settings across the fields of mental health, paediatric health, palliative care and oncology. Rebecca was recently awarded a DECRA Fellowship from the Australian Research Council to study the design of contemporary inpatient settings for palliative care.

Project Title
Thesis work by Ruoqi Li from the 2017 Palliative Care Design Studio
Ruoqi Li’s 'Design for the experience of lying in bed' takes a whimsical approach to the current focus on patient centred care. In observing that patients spend most of their time lying down, Li asked shouldn’t the hospital be re-orientated – by ninety degrees to be exact – to prioritise the view from the pillow? His project identified a number of hospital spaces where the horizontal body could be prioritized over the vertical to visually enrich the patient experience. This was one of sixteen projects from a studio run by McLaughlan and Anthony Clarke at the Melbourne School of Design in 2017.
Year of Completion
Studio leader