Sharon Robinson

Architectural Designer

Waikato / Bay of Plenty

Taking the scenic route in my architectural career, I started out as a draughtswomen and after returning from my OE in 2004 decided to continue with my path to become an architect. I have completed the Bachelor of Architectural Studies at Unitec graduating in 2010. The dynamic nature of life has lead me to start my own Architectural Design Practice based in the Waikato. Together with my love of architecture, passion for the environment and enjoyment of people I am aspirating to collaborate these all together. All spaces, big,small, intentional or accidental, permanent or temporary, expensive or free, built or natural are part of our experience every day. I believe that with smart sensitive design these spaces can contribute positively to our daily lives. Smart LIVING SPACES. Architectural Design with People in Mind.

Project Title
Rural Family Residence
This design is for a young family who have a large rurally located section with fantastic sea views to the North. The clients on this project had a clear idea of how they wanted the house to be laid out and wanted orientation of living and bedroom spaces to be to the North and View. The herringbone shape was one of the things they mentioned early on in the process. While the shape called for a long corridor along the bedroom view and a corridor link to the Garage, we have used these spaces to add to other activities, manly a study alcove and working space in front of the laundry. To keep the design simple but with some interest, doors have been made full height , some as wide as the corridor allowing this space to be integrated into the rest of the house. Recessed ceilings coves in the Truss structure above living areas provide some relief to the flat ceilings. The outside corridor space is important to the solar performance this building. The client wanted a large expanse of glazing to the North Face for lots of sun. To avoid over heating in summer, a pergola structure with sliding screens runs the full length of the North faces. This creates an indoor / outdoor transition space which can be altered and modified to suit the requirements of the interior spaces. Currently in the design phase
Year of Completion
Residential Project