Solange Thorp

Architectural Graduate Practicing
Athfield Architects


Project Title
Tangible Remains
This design led research advocates for an architecture indicative of the preceding history; that engages in an active dialogue with the site. Developed through shifting scales and media, the thesis investigates how architecture can give expression to the singularities of site. The milieu of erasures and the enduring traces are drawn to the surface and manifested across three design phases: 1 Chinese Garden, present condition; 2 Art School, past reflection; 3 Artist Colony, future projection. Through a process of editing, fragments are extended and retracted between the phases as more intense programs are introduced. The final design outcome is the result of an additive design methodology, developed across the course of the thesis. The design methodology is a model for combining sites in contemporary urban development; a model for co-existence of past and present into the future.
Year of Completion