Soo Ryu

Aarhus, Denmark
Aarhus Architecture School


I graduated from University of Auckland in 2008 and pursued further study at Victoria University gaining masters in sustainable design under Brenda and Robert Vales. I've spoken about my masters research in couple of conferences including SB2010 (Sustainable Building Conference 2010 at Te Papa) and NZSSES (New Zealand Society for Engineering and Science) and published a chapter for the Vale's new book "Living within a fair share ecological footprint." I've also been accredited as a GSAP (Greenstar Accredited Professional) under the NZ Green Building Council. I was practising as an architectural graduate in New Zealand for 3 years, especially in Christchurch to help with the rebuild. I've been in Europe for the past 5 years, a year backpacking around Europe, 2 years in London and now in Denmark having completed my 2nd masters in sustainable cities and now starting my PhD in Urban Seascaping, looking into ways in which the way we integrate sea level rise in our cities as a new way of urban transformation in the age of the Anthropocene.

Project Title
NZIA Christchurch Pavilion
This is the winning entry for the NZIA Canterbury branch pavilion. It is a temporary pavilion to showcase the role of architects in the rebuild of Christchurch. The 45 degree pitched, origami polycarbonate roof was designed to capture rainwater and encase garden bed below (protect from frost). The structural system is based on scaffolding which can be erected and dismantled quickly. The timber box encasing a 'glasshouse' exhibition space for the NZIA has a symbolic cross to represent the Christchurch emblem which is also painted in blackboard material to allow the public to leave messages and engage with the pavilion.
Year of Completion