Maria Fernanda SOSA

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Oficina Urbana

Outside NZ
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Architect with vast experience in highly complex architecture and urbanism works and projects. She has worked for 19 years in Colon Theatre in the City of Buenos Aires taking part in the successive project and value enhancement work technical teams. She coordinated the executive project for the expansion works of Buenos Aires Subways Line B. Project manager for OFICINA URBANA/Converti-De Marco Architects, she travelled to Milan, in 2015, for the executive director of the architectonic project of the Argentine Hall in EXPO MILAN 2015. She has been a professor at University of Buenos Aires UBA since 1986 ; and advisor of Research Secretariat of FADU since 2018.

Project Title
EXPOMILAN 2015/ Argentine Hall
“ARGENTINA TE ALIMENTA” (Argentine feeds you) A three levels experience. The Argentine Hall in ExpoMilan2015 offers the experience of sensory connections instead of the amount of information. The pavilion is a silo system that like machinery allows and provokes the experience: at the ground floor, the characteristics aromas and flavours of our culture open the way for the food experience. Then a staircase spirals around different performances and the musical and sound experience feeds the soul. In the end, inside the silos, an immersive spatial situation where it is possible to hear immigrant`s voices or feelings in surrounded by wheat and soybean plantations or flying along the Beagle Channel. And the architecture is the vehicle of that unforgettable experience.
Year of Completion
Exhibition Hall
Senior Architect / Project Director