Sue Gallagher

AUT University

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Sue Gallagher is a Senior Lecturer in the Spatial Design department, and Director of MESH Art + Design interdisciplinary minors, in the School of Art & Design at AUT University. Working between performance and architecture, installation and moving image, Gallagher explores performance design as an unstable platform that transgresses many art forms. It is her understanding from training as an architect and performance designer that spaces are not static and fixed creations, but are subtle, transformative and communicative. Sue Gallagher was the New Zealand Commissioner, Co-Curator + Exhibition Designer for the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space in 2007 and 2011, and selected to represent NZ in the 2015 edition of PQ for the Language of Living set design for the New Zealand Dance Company. Gallagher's spatial design research engages with and explores concepts of topoanalysis, atmosphere, and affect, and addresses the production of imaginary and affective environments in a range of exhibition and performance contexts.

Project Title
Language of Living set design for New Zealand Dance Company
Language of Living , The New Zealand Dance Company. Inaugural performance ASB Theatre Aotea Centre, Auckland. [Set design for contemporary dance]. ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, Auckland.
Year of Completion
Set Designer