tonia williams

Vitruvion (Group Ltd), Oarsom Creative Ltd, o4rsom Ltd


I've never been one for pigeon holes, and my work now reflects this. At Vitruvion we prefabricate high-performance buildings - often buildings I have designed - via Oarsom Creative - where Concept Design and Design Management are our specialisms. We work with engineering and drafting teams to take 'Lean' design and 'Lean' building one step beyond the current norm. We work backwards in a sense (maybe it's the rower in me) starting from the process of building and fabrication and taking this knowledge back to the drawing board. Continuous improvement drives a process we hope gets us closer to Design for Fabrication and Manufacture. The world of International sport has taught me that shortcuts are for cheats, and we all know that shortcuts in building and design make for misery. So we are doing our best to learn from the lessons of our not so distant past.

Project Title
She Row