Ying Miao



Project Title
HyperSpace2.0 :: Digital Materiality
The thesis project HyperSpace is a 1:1 investigation into Tangible Data and Programmable Matter. HyperSpace creates an Augmented (Hyper) Reality world. Large 3D holographic constructions appear interactively in space, visible without the need for any additional devices (goggles, screens, helmets, etc). The set-up combines a live render programme with motion-tracking cameras and multiple laser projectors illuminating haze particles. The outcome is a full 360-degree haptic–digital space, accurately defined in all dimensions, interactive and inhabitable. This is a team project, embedded in the research at the arc/sec Lab for Digital Spatial Operations. The laboratory explores concepts for a new condition of buildings and urban environments, in which digital information will be given a physical form and physical spatial appearance. With focus into haptic Digital Materiality and Construction.
Year of Completion