Yusnidar Yusof

Architectural Designer
YY Architectural Design Limited

Yusnidar Yusof is a graduate of the London Architectural Association in 1999; a UK registered chartered architect and one of the first architects in New Zealand to become a LEED (Leadership of Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional. She was an Associate in Gensler London before coming ti New Zealand in 2009. The focus of her professional and academic work has been on architecture influencing educational environment. She was integral in Gensler's design consultancy to Kent County Council on secondary schools under the Building School of Future program. She has been an academic teaching staff at the Auckland University School of Architecture since 2009. As a mature student, she graduated in Masters in Architecture in 2013 under the supervision of Dr Deidre Brown, with her research on the architecture of educational spaces that respond to culturally responsive pedagogies. Yusnidar officially joined Art of Fact as a Senior Associate in 2015. She injects educational perspective into narrative design.

Project Title
The Innovators at MOTAT
From first idea to first foot through the door, The Innovators exhibition was designed and installed in a four-month window. This included everything from approaching and negotiating with the subject companies and gathering their stories through to making five films about them as well as collecting objects and designing over 400m2 worth of illustrations and graphics. The end result was a modular exhibition space developed to celebrate Kiwi innovation in today’s age of exponential growth. MOTAT wanted the space to be flexible and changeable without the need to rebuild the entire space. To successfully meet the brief, we designed a physical infrastructure in two parts, the first being a permanent ‘hall of fame’ that ties the whole space together, connected to which are five ‘fabric rooms’. All of the walls in these rooms are made from printed stretched fabric, meaning that the entire space is customisable and can be redesigned and reprinted for a fraction of the cost of a new refit. Each space acts as a story-telling environment that shares the journey, innovation and company culture of each innovator featured. These spaces have been intentionally designed to have more information than a visitor could be expected to notice, having been designed at both subliminal and explicit levels to reflect the unique culture of each innovator’s team. The central hall of the exhibition has also been intentionally designed to not feel like a museum space, but more like an innovative gateway into each of the five innovators. The first five innovators were selected for the exhibition based on a specific set of criteria developed by our team. These revolved around how they innovate rather than what they innovated. Aside form ensuring a broad spectrum of innovations, the first five’s selection hinged on four key criteria. - Have the innovators gone far enough down the road of innovation to experience both successes and setbacks? - Are they a team of different personalities that the public can relate to? - Will the innovators be comfortable taking and sharing the results of a personality test? - Is their collective mana such that they would be comfortable sharing failures as much as successes? To ensure the exhibition inspires and stimulates visitors, it has been designed to work as an interactive space. To realize this, the space has been fitted out with instillations such as a 1:1 Springwise trampoline, the launch rail used by Rocket Lab for their first orbital launch, two VR headsets, and animated videos that are activated via touch screen technology. The most important thing to keep in mind about The Innovators is that the exhibition is not just about sharing stories about innovation. The exhibition is about global change, disruption, risk taking, overcoming failure, tackling legislation, NZ’s No. 8 wire mentality, Māori entrepreneurship and NZ as a global corporate power. But perhaps most importantly, The Innovators is about the next generations of innovators, and inspiring them to break the rules and push past the status quo.
Year of Completion
Cultural Exhibition
Architectural Designer