Zali McMahon

University of Auckland

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Project Title
Imagined Landscapes: Valuing the Intangible in Architectural Perception
This drawing is part of a thesis which advocates for a greater appreciation in architectural discourse of the subjective, intangible and atmospheric qualities inherent in the perception and creation of architectural space. Perception is both conscious and unconscious, embodied and imagined, personal and universal, objective and obscure. Our response to and articulation of architecture relies on this layered view. This dissolution between the tangible and intangible allows for architecture to exist in a fluid boundary, as this document interrogates the affective relationships between self and space, architecture and landscape. This is an evocation of architecture formed from our embodied, immaterial and affective understandings; existing not as a detached object, but layered and dissolved within other landscapes, both tangible and intangible.
Year of Completion
MArch Prof Thesis