A+W•NZ Core Team receive NZIA President Awards 2014

12 May 2014

Megan Rule, Lynda Simmons and Julie Wilson received a 2014 NZIA President's Award each, for the work carried out for establishing A+W•NZ and its database and website, the national A+W•NZ Exhibitions, lectures, symposium and other events in 2013, raising the profile of women working in and around architecture in New Zealand.

Citation: 'As a member of a core leadership group Lynda Simmons / Megan Rule / Julie Wilson devoted a huge amount of time and effort to the organisation in 2013 of a series of events and initiatives examining the current situation of women in New Zealand architecture. The ambitious campaign included an exhibition staged in four cities, an accompanying publication, and an engaging, day-long symposium. The programme, together with the Architecture + Women database and website, with which Lynda / Megan / Julie has also been closely involved, has raised the professional profile of women Architects and fostered collegial relationships among them, and ensured that gender issues in New Zealand architecture are given consideration. The Institute acknowledges Lynda's / Megan's / Julie's generous contribution to an important cause.'

From Left: Julie Wilson, Megan Rule, Lynda Simmons at the 2014 NZIA Awards, held at Shed 10, Auckland.