AW16 WGTN: A+W•NZ Express Series

5 September 2016

Join Architecture+Women•NZ in a celebration of work by thesis students at Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Architecture. Six students will be challenged to present their thesis works in fast-paced, six-minute presentations.
When:   Tuesday 20 September, 12:30-1:30pm
Where:  City Gallery, Civic Square
Cost:     Free, no booking necessary

Programme summary:
The Role of Architects in Post-Disaster Reconstruction by Jessica Hulme
In collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, and Habitat for Humanity Fiji, this thesis draws on grounded theory field research and the analysis of reconstruction efforts in recent disaster hit areas of the Pacific region by developing affordable and attainable designs for low socio-economic communities.

Support for Independence:  Cross-generational Housing for ‘Third Age’ Baby Boomers and Millennials/Students by Johanna Griffith
Exploring the accelerated 65+ population growth that has shifted Christchurch’s current age distribution into a period of demographic transition, this dissertation is an inter-generational housing project that combines an aged care facility and student accommodation.

Our Social Places: Public and Private Balance in a State Housing Community by Niamh Cahill
This thesis looks at the balance between public, private and communal spaces in Arlington Apartments to create a social sense of community and reduce isolation by integrating the site into the surrounding city.

Perceptive Being: An Exploration into the Body and Movement at an Architectural Scale by Danielle Kellett
A look at performance architecture that questions the intimacy between space and occupant at multiple interfaces, through research into the human body and its reaction and response to interaction.

Leaving the Closet: Queer Identity in Architecture by Andrew Caldwell
Drawing on queer and feminist theories, this thesis challenges the assumptions of heteronormativity embedded in architecture and explores architectural norms through a iterative design.

Architecture for You, Me & the Bees by Sharon Lam
Through imagining how architecture may be perceived by a non-human species, humancentric norms in both design and society are brought into question. This research speculates upon a world where beekind is embraced into humankind.

Supported by Victoria University
(image: 2015 A+W•NZ Express Series)

Organising Team:

Marianne Calvelo

Ariana Pia,

Peggy Russell,

Kirsty Jones,

Bridget Lensen