Casual Conversations

4 February 2021

Casual Conversations

Drawn out of the success of 2020’s Lockdown Mentoring Meetings, Casual Conversations intends to provide a network of collegial support within the A+W NZ membership, and our extended community. With topics defined by the participants, these informal meetings are held on an ad hoc basis, as and when the need or topic for discussion arises, and are often held online. From mentorship to professional conundrums, opportunities and career options, these are insightful conversations that aim to help navigate and explore a broader context of the state of our profession.


Casual Conversations 01: Registration Insights

On Wednesday 17 February, 6 - 7pm, join us for part one of a discussion around the pathway to registration. Hear from those who undertook initial registration via Pathway 1 in 2020 as they share personal anecdotes and advice for those who are embarking on the process.

How do you know when you’re ready to undertake registration? What time commitments were required? How did you seek assistance to review the case study? Were you part of a study group and what were the benefits of this? Did you have your professional conversation in person or online? What changed for you after achieving registration?

A+W NZ members and recently registered architects Teresa Munro, Divya Purushotham and Chir Fernando will join us to answer your questions and impart some of their experiences leading up to their professional conversation, as well as how to navigate the registration process in changing times.


When: Wednesday 17 February, 6.00–7.00pm

Where: Online via Zoom,

Meeting ID: 942 924 0325  | Passcode: 520423

Cost:   Free