SGA & A+W-NZ Building Workshop 2017 Kaikoura Trust

6 January 2017

Congratulations to SGA for winning an NZIA Local (Auckland/Northland) Award 2018!

SGA and the A+W NZ Construction team celebrated at the NZIA Local Awards event on 9 May 2018, held at Motat 2 on Meola Road, Auckland.

Link to Nick Dalton's Instagram post of the night.

The workshop is complete! For more information on the two site-installs, go to the following webpages;

Motu Kaikoura - The Final Push!

Installation on Motu Kaikoura


A+W-NZ AND SGA COLLABORATE ON BUILDING EDUCATIONStrachan Group Associates (SGA) and A+W-NZ both firmly believe in providing construction education for architects, architectural graduates and students. You may all be familiar with the excellent work Dave Strachan has carried out as Adjuct Professor at Unitec until recently, guiding students through a prefabrication process and providing completed locatable buildings to community groups. One of those students was Maria Hosking, who has now joined the SGA team as a graduate and is running this project alongside Dave. With the relocation of SGA to Rossmay Terrace in Kingsland, they have developed their own workshop facilities to create a design-build heaven, with Crate Building Innovation

Click here for week 8 time-lapse made by SGA.

 and the walls are down again!

 image from SGA newsletter

dis-assembly for transportation (image: SGA newsletter)

 almost complete

 walls going up

 floor cassettes in place

Other media;

ArchitectureNow article 23 Feb 2018, written by Maria Hosking

ArchitectureNow article 10 Nov 2017 written by A+W NZ Co-Chair Lynda Simmons

A+W NZ presentation at Auckland Build Expo 2017 by SGA / A+W NZ Motu Kaikoura Building Workshop participants

SGA have updated the news on progress in the workshop in their newsletter dated 31/8/17.

Architecture Now article 14 July 2017 written by Architecture Now Editorial Desk

Follow Progress here;

Week 18 24, 25 November 2017

Week 16 10, 11 November 2017

Week 14  27, 28 October 2017

Week 13 20, 21 October 2017

Week 12  13, 14 October 2017

Week 11  6, 7 October 2017

Week 10  29,30 September 2017

Week 9   22,23 September 2017

Week 8   15/16 September 2017

Week 7   8/9 September 2017

Week 6    1/2 September 2017

Week 5     25 August 2017

Week 4   18/19 August 2017

Week 3   11/12 August 2017

Week 2  4/5 August 2017

Week 1  28/29 July 2017


The A+W NZ / SGA Kaikoura Trust Build Team:

Nicola Herbst, Herbst Architects

Pip Newman, Unitec Tutor  (sponsored by ArchitectureNow)

Gaynor Eade, Sage Architects

Krupa Patel, Wood Consulting (sponsored by Gib)

Jane Waldegrave, Jane Waldegrave Architect (sponsored by Resene)

Katie Corner, Cobalt Architecture (voluntary suspension)

Katherine Hebden, Stevens Lawson Architects (sponsored by Prime Panels Ltd)

Elspeth Gray, Stevens Lawson Architects

Georgina Gray, Constructure Engineering

Yenegh Badimayalew, Collate  (sponsored by APL Industries Ltd)

Aishwarya Basrur, RTA Studio

Terese Fitzgerald, RTA Studio

Divya Purushotham, Warren & Mahoney (sponsored by Warren & Mahoney)

Lily Wong, Warren & Mahoney (sponsored by Warren & Mahoney)

Anna Boow (Lockyear), graduate

Lauren van Tiel,  Cheshire Architects

A+W-NZ are very proud to partner with SGA on one of their upcoming projects, for a project for the Motu Kaikoura Trust, replacing their research and study building destroyed by arson in 2013. The new building, designed by SGA, will be prefabricated at the SGA and Crate workshops in Kingsland and barged to Kaikoura Island (off Great Barrier Island) for assembly.

This course is being offered to architectural graduates and Registered Architects, to gain confidence and further knowledge on a construction site. While the various schools of Architecture and Spatial Design  provide building education to students, opportunities are less often available to architectural graduates and architects, and SGA and A+W-NZ aim to fill that gap.

The timeline for the project is August / September 2017. 

August/September Timetable available here

Info Meeting #1: Wednesday 25 January 2017, 6pm A SGA Offices, 26 Rossmay Terrace, Sandringham. meeting 01 minutes available here.

Info Meeting #2: Wednesday 21 June 2017, 6pm A SGA Offices, 26 Rossmay Terrace, Sandringham. meeting 02 minutes avaliable here.

If you are keen for more information on this amazing opportunity, contact us at

1. Continuing Professional Development - 180 CPD points (25% Documentation / 50% Project management / 25% Core)
2. Learn and become competent with power tools and acquire basic building skills
3. Develop a real understanding of building/assembly of components/materials.
4. Learn various methods of prefabrication and efficiency of materials.
5. Become familiar with “builder” terminology for tools, fixings and materials.
6. Gain confidence and satisfaction in the process of “making” for a charitable Trust.

A one-off fee of $2450 plus GST to cover the cost of training, consumables and use of the SGAW joinery shop plus the use of Crate's large workshop.

Sponsorship opportunities of $1,000.00 are available - download the application form and email to if you wish to apply for a sponsorship offer.

We are calling for registrations of interest now, let us know if you are keen at

Registrations close 7 July 2017
all images provided by SGA